Let’s end boredom together

new-nbWhat does it mean to “never bore” our students?

How can we train teachers in active-learning strategies that engage all students?

Promoting active learning in high school classrooms has been my mission for just over a year, and now there are big changes underway at NeverBore.

You may have noticed that this blog is now MarthaRush.org. I will continue to post my thoughts, ideas and concerns about classroom issues and broader educational policy here, though just once a week on Mondays (starting next week).

NeverBore.org is now an expanded site, offering curriculum, professional development workshops, coaching and tips for teaching with engagement in mind.

A new blog — focused solely on active learning strategies — will debut on the NeverBore site in November.

As this article from the June 11 Economist explains, effective teachers are the critical component to student success. We must train teachers to ensure that “all the brains are working all of the time.” I believe teachers must lead the way.

I hope you will check out the new www.NeverBore.org and become a subscriber. Let’s end boredom together.